Update 10 AM: Groomers on standby until rain subsides

08:00 AM - February 03, 2021

Wednesday  Club #1

Update 10 AM: It is turning into a mess out there. Ron has his groomers ready, but he is waiting for drier conditions, which may push his schedule to early tomorrow morning. It is currently raining in Bathurst as well as at Nepisiguit and Rogers Lake. This will help in the long run. Just be patient. It will get done!!!!!!!!!

      0 degrees in Bathurst and we’re expecting a bit of rain & freezing rain for today so Ron is postponing the grooming until tonight. He will release his schedule soon. Well, with this little Noreaster we finally got some decent snow to groom with about 35cm down. This should do wonders once we get it groomed into the trail system, especially Trail 19 East and West out of Bathurst. Initially I thought what this freezing rain might hold for us with the trees heavily loaded with snow, but we had decent wind to knock that snow from the trees.  This freezing rain may be snow in the high ground so that would make it more like 35 to 45 cm. It looks like the weatherman didn’t abandon us after all and there looks like more snow for the weekend. If you happen to get out and get some real sledding in make sure you don't go alone. Safety in numbers.

      On another note, the Coved numbers are dropping except for the Edmundston area, who are still in lockdown. We hope to be in the yellow soon for everywhere in NB except for Moncton and Edmundston.

  We are in the final 12 days of our Lottery with just under 180 out of a 1000 tickets to sell in our 50/50 lottery to support our grooming this year. This lottery is in lieu of the lack of fund raising due to Coved 19. We have 36 cash prizes with the first prize being $25,000. Normally we raise about $45,000 with our fund raisers so with two weeks left you can easily purchase your ticket ON-LINE at or locally at our Nepisiguit Lodge or these locations: Kerr's Chainsaw Ltd. Bradley Kerr City Center. Claude Doucet West End Sports. Guy Hache, Brunswick Powersports. 3-Step Contracting. Marc Poirier, Denise Lebreton Pokemouche 727-8398 Please note that if for some reason we can't sell our remaining tickets by Feb 14, we did get permission from the Lottery Commission for a month extension.

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