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Permit Information

To all snowmobile members and potential members of Nepisiguit Sports Lodge.

When filling out the application form please indicate the club that you want to belong to. In our case it would be CLUB #1, Nepisiguit Sports Lodge, Bathurst. It is very important that you pick a club in the area that you most frequently do your snowmobiling, because some of the revenue generated through your trail permit goes directly to that club. In other words "buy where you ride".

For our New Brunswick Members

Register at any Service New Brunswick office or register on line at Service New Brunswick, make sure you're registered under Club #1.

For all Out Of Province Members

For these members, including the United States you can sign up in any of following ways:

  1. Online at Service New Brunswick - $5.00 + HST service fee. If you want Nepisiguit Club as your home club, then select CLUB #1
  2. Download our form Non NB resident Permit Application 2023-2024 and follow instructions on form. If you use this form, make cheque payable to Nepisiguit Sports Lodge Inc. - No service fee. This form is only used prior to the Dec 15th date only. Once this date has passed, go to step 4 below.
  3. Before Dec 16th: For our Nova Scotia members or anyone in the Halifax / Dartmouth area or if you want to travel to Dartmouth at Full Throttle Power Sports. We have our trail permits there for Club #1. For our PEI members or anyone in that province if you want to travel to Charletown at Toymaster. We have our trail permits there for Club #1.
  4. After Dec 15th upon arrival in Bathurst you are able to obtain a permit at the Atlantic Host, at our clubhouse the Nepisiguit Sports Lodge, or at Rogers Lake Lodge. Don’t forget to register with CLUB #1.

For all Day Permits Only

Day permit (see types and costs below) can be purchased upon arrival in Bathurst at the following locations for our Club #1.

  • Atlantic Host Hotel (best location before hitting the trails)
  • Nepisiguit Sports Lodge (on Trail 23, 48 Km south of Bathurst)
  • Quality Inn (on Trail 501, St Peter Ave in Bathurst)

These Day Permits give you the privilege of riding on all NBFSC trails and can be purchased only at the club level by anyone regardless of their residence. These should be available from any of the 51 clubs at their specified locations or trail check points. We can't mail these types of permits out.

* All prices are in CDN $

Type Price
Annual Trail Permit$330.00 + HST
('early bird' price of $250.00 plus 15% tax if purchased on or before Dec. 15th)
One Day Trail Permit$70.00 - HST included
Two Day Trail Permit$110.00 - HST included
Three Day Trail Permit$150.00 - HST included
Four Day Trail Permit$190.00 - HST included
Five Day Trail Permit$230.00 - HST included
Six Day Trail Permit$270.00 - HST included
Seven Day Trail Permit$310.00 - HST included
Family Trail Permits$175.00 + HST
Antique Snowmobile Trail Permit$125.00 + HST
Classic Snowmobile Trail Permit$175.00 + HST
Late Season Trail Permit$285.00 + HST
Replacement Trail Sticker. Call your club president with Pink Copy, Sticker and Sticker #$20.00 - No HST

Family Trail Permits:

  1. Qualification is a minimum of 3 snowmobiles in a family.
  2. Multiple ‘Family’ Trail Permits must all be purchased at the same time.
  3. The first two permits are bought at the regular price, third and subsequent permits will be $105.00 + HST.
  4. Proof of a ‘Family’ qualification is 3 or more current snowmobile registrations all registered to the same address and in the same name.
  5. The discount is for qualified families, not businesses or companies.

Antique Snowmobile Trail Permits:

  1. Definition is snowmobiles 20-years and older, 2000 and older.
  2. Proof for an ‘Antique’ qualification is the current snowmobile registration for each antique snowmobile. Available at SNB only with proof of registration.

Classic Snowmobile Trail Permits:

  1. Definition is snowmobiles between 10 and 20 years old, 2001 to 2010.
  2. Proof for a ‘Classic’ qualification is the current snowmobile registration for each classic snowmobile. Available at SNB only with proof of registration.
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