January 25, 2023 Dave Brewster

Took a sled up to Rogers Lake Lodge for my son this afternoon from the KC Irving Center. The trail system was 8 out of 10 which was pretty impressive given the lack of snow up as far as Blue Mountain. The trails get to 9 out of 10 from Blue Mountain up to Rogers Lake. Good to see ORV checking sleds at Key Anacon Road for proper paper work. Both Nepisiguit and Rogers Lake Lodges were busy. Great Day!! Keep up the great work Nepisiguit!!

April 15, 2022 Thunder

Don is KING--thanks bud--a hardy thank you to all who make northern NB such a great winter sledding destination--hats off to you all!!!

March 26, 2022 Cecil & Nancy Smith

From: Linden NS Date; March 26/2022 We made two snowmobile trips to Northern NB this winter. One in February and one in March. We travelled over your trails on both occasions … thank you for the good trails. Great job … your efforts are appreciated. Please extend thanks to all on our behalf. Cecil & Nancy Smith

February 18, 2021 Michael Ping Leger

Well said on safety meeting been sledding for over 30 years plus never seen so many guys driving on middle of trail wrong side of trail and driving there good old SHEEP mobiles worst year ever please stay on your side of trail and drive your speed and also please respect land owners and bring back what you brought in cheers Great job on trails Hats off to all involved . Regards, From a Hardcore Sledder

February 16, 2021 Mike C

Did a loop run yesterday, Feb. 17th from The Host towards Sormany, to the Sugar Shack then headed to Nepisguit through 301, 22 & 23. Trails were great, compliments to Ron and his crew and the trail crew on the Sormany side, great job! At 301/22 intersection and 22/507 there was evidence that some sledders have room to bring beverage containers in to the trail system with them but no room to bring it back out..?? Sad state of affairs, lets keep our beautiful trail system beautiful!

December 18, 2020 Andy Perrin

Hi Don and all your crew at Club #1. We left Rogers Lake on Tuesday the 15th opening day just before noon and were treated to tabletop trails out piston alley! What a sweet way to start the season! We spent the next 2 days riding the Christmas Mountains. There seemed to be the most snow in the Big Bald Slacks Lake area. We had a great time and did 511 km. Trail 58 needs more snow north of Birch lake Rd and the same goes for 23 in the 4 corners area. We saw 21 moose over the 3 days. So as usual club #1 has to complimented for the awesome start to the season. See you soon!

March 23, 2020 Thunder-

To everyone in all clubs-- missed not saying in person Thank you and see you nex year. My year got cut short on me-but being from NB orginally it sure is great to come home every winter to such wonderful people and fantastic abundance of WHITE GOLD!!! Cheers SEE YOU NEXT YEAR

March 21, 2020 PEI

You're a great team that makes you feel welcome every time. Had the pleasure of seeing them again this week. Great job!

March 21, 2020 Todd

Thank you all for all your hard work and dedication. Great Service from Great people. Thanks again.

March 21, 2020 Karl

Your lodge is awesome. Karl and Jens Jensen love this place. Good job guys.

March 21, 2020 Carmen

Thank you staff for your dedicated service through this season, said to see you are now closing till next season, we are grateful we were able to find and enjoy this part of the North this year and look forward to going again next year. Thanks again and be safe.

March 21, 2020 NB

You people have done an exceptionally job this year as always and we all know it hurts you people as much as us . Until next season, Happy Trails and enjoy your summer when this thing is over.

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