April 16, 2018 NS

Was up yesterday trails awesome. from your ns friends to you all thanks for the great winter and awesome trails. Gordon 

April 16, 2018 Dave Bathurst

Big thank you to the Executive, Staff and volunteers. As usual top shelf service and trails.
See you next season!!  

April 16, 2018 Bathurst

It was a very good season people, Thank You very much for all the dedicated time to the operators and everyone involved in the winter operation, Have a great summer and fall. Not forgetting the staff at the lodge and all volunteers.  

April 03, 2018 Trevor

Thanks for the scrub on the trails last night, trails are hard and flat! Super job club #1

March 13, 2018 Jason Amherst NS

Thanks ....never been your way before until this weekend and last...had a great time at your place on our 4 stops...can't wait until next trip

March 13, 2018 Jason

Thanks....never been your way before until this weekend and last...had a great time at your place on our 4 stops...can't wait until next trip

March 12, 2018 B Caines Halifax

Myself and 3 friends were on the trails this weekend and had a blast, The trails were not groomed like highways but if people want that they should buy a car and drive the highways ,It was the best riding in virgin snow I have ever done.Keep up the great work and ignore the naysayers. By the way, we are not kids, My group were all late 50's SUPER WORK

March 04, 2018 Blair Branch

Hi Don I just wanted to say thank you for all your time for club number I I never made it out this year an account of health reasons still bought my trail permit Maybe next year I will be out again thank you to everyone at club no 1 Blair
                             Thanks Blair  Hope everything goes good for you.

March 01, 2018 Jamie George Truro

I just spent three days on your trails with my 16 year old son and three freinds. We put on 800km and would have to say it was some of the best groamed trails I have ever been on. All the hours you put in grooming really made the trip a memorable one for us. This was our first time leaving NS to sled but defiantly will not be our last, we are already planning to come back second week of March. I also enjoy reading your post each day that you have to keep everyone updated on what is going on. I would say in the 800km we put on we only came across two sleds that were going too fast for a norrow trail. Keep up the good work I'm sure everyone appreciates all the hard work that everyone in the area clubs put in. The trails don't get that good with out a lot of time and effort put into them.

February 18, 2018 Roland Frenette

I have been spending most of my winters in Florida, but following your trails reports all along,( see my 24-03-2017 comment) you convinced me that I was missing out on something I loved to do, that is ski-doing so this year I sold my place down there and returned to Bathurst and just bought a new Yamaha VK540V and a camp in the Popple area and planing to go to your Danny Burger Run March 3, Roland

February 11, 2018 Middleton NS

Thanks for all that You and your club does. Your club #1 for a reason! 

February 11, 2018 John Hogan Fredericton

First off Don thank you so much for all you do for sledders everywhere. Your reports are I am sure, the most informative of any club in the snowmobile world . Your constant work organizing not only groomers schedules, getting repairs done, and everything else you do for your club and all sledders is simply amazing. Your trail conditions as a result of all your team at Nepisiquit are unmatched in Atlantic Canada and beyond I am sure. Your safety messages are great and getting to a lot of sledders, not all unfortunately, but to many. We were there 3 days last week wed-fri did over 900 kms and trails were excellent. Friday afternoon just as coming close to the lodge met 2 sleds on the first turn out and low and behold first guy in middle of turn second guy completely over on left hand side I had to come to complete stop and just shook my head at the idiot, some really think they are the only ones even when they go by a club house with many many sleds in the yard. But keep trying Don you might get through to them eventually. Sorry for the length but you deserve so much gratitude for all you do.
Thank You John

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