February 16, 2019 mike

Keep up the great job grooming we couldn't sled with out yas cheers BOYS FROM THE SOUTH

February 13, 2019 Randall and André PEI

Enjoying some of the best trails we have been on in a long time. Great job to all the hard workers that make it so enjoyable. Even today with the new snow it was a lot of fun.

February 04, 2019 Fred NS

Great job folks we were on your trails yesterday for a few hours. Awesome flat trails what a great job you guys do and that’s on a Sunday morning

February 03, 2019 George Richard

Trails were awesome today , the best I've ever been on.  great job ! Everyone we met were smiling and happy about the trail condition.

February 01, 2019 PEI

Perfect 10 out of 10. Thanks guys and keep up the good work     Dave

January 28, 2019 Thunder- NS

WE just finished our annual QUI-BOY Trip- and its always ends up at the end of each day -we plan our route to end on the BEST trails in our system- CLUB #one- of course - best updates- most grooming and great team- hats off to Joan and her pit crew- and where else in the world can you get more consistent enjoyable experence than Nepisiguit-lodge and the Atlantic host -yeeeha -lets call the Boys - load our toys -QUI BOY ! QUI BOY! lets go SLEDING --Cheers-

January 27, 2019 Denise

Tks to you all for your great work with the trails..Club #1 The BEST !!!

January 27, 2019 Mike Chapman

We might be 6 hours away but we come up as often as possible...I just wanted to say, that besides the obvious of your trails being amazing, your efforts and work is simply amazing!! Your dedication is second to none...well done folks!!!!!

January 27, 2019 Gary Scothorn, NS

Message: U are all during a great job on trails this year, I have seen the best of trails ever! amazing how u can keep this up with the amount of snow we have had already this season, not to mention the two major rain falls. The new trail 503 is a beautiful trail to explore the mountains and valleys within the nepesiguit trail system,plus it makes the perfect loop from Bathurst and return for out of towners. I also think it is time to give Don Kenny a very big Thank you for all of the information given on the big white north snowmobiling world, with trail updates, event updates, weather updates and what ever else goes on with club #1 and Bathurst area.This takes a Hugh amount of dedication and time. I hear snowmobillers talking all over Atlantic Canada about reading Don Web pages. All of these things add up to a beautiful place to vacation and snowmobile with a very friendly, neighborly group of people from all over Bathurst area and Atlantic Canada. BIG THANK YOU !!!!

January 26, 2019 mike ping

Great dedication guys on the grooming hats OFF TO ALL INVOLVED CHEERS

January 20, 2019 Sackville

 We were on your trails Friday and yesterday, a big thumbs up for the fantastic grooming, flawless!   Gordon

January 20, 2019 PEI

We were there last Sat. Sun. Mon. Tues. perfect trails!!!! We make at least 5 trips a year from P.E.I. love it !!!!!! Thanks guys!!!  Dave

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