December 23, 2016 Gary, Fall River N.S.

My son and I just spent the best 3 days of sledding ever in December. Thanks to all of the volunteers for a job well done! We tried are best to try and clean up some wayward rocks and branches and I ask all riders to help out a little as well so the groomers operators can do what they do best. We also encountered 3 moose near island lake and lots of sign of more! Merry Christmas! Gary & Gavin - Fall River NS

December 22, 2016 Jason

WATCH FOR MOOSE Just got back from an awesome ride from the host to governors. Trail from host to 9 mile east very good and from 9 mile to governors is excellent. Counted 29 moose (yes 29) from Dobson's camp (trail 22) to wind mills (trail 503).

December 20, 2016 Brian N.S.

By the sounds of things the guys on the groomers are doing a great job, my hat goes off to them.

December 20, 2016 Pat

Congratulations on your new website and all the work that volunteers are doing! Thanks, Pat

December 19, 2016 JC Trenton NS

Thanks for the updates. Your not Beefing, just stating Facts (((concerning this comment "Just a word on high expectation of trail conditions: Looks like some don't realise that we're just starting and there are some issues around getting the trails up to snuff. Yes there are twigs and in some cases there are rocks protruding in the trails, but please, it is only 5 days into grooming and we are not at mid season conditions yet, so if there are twigs or rocks that bother you, get the hell off your sled and take care of it (You belong to a volunteer association so that you are an automatic volunteer))). 

December 15, 2016 Guy Hache

Excellent job on the website!! Keep up the good work, proud to support such a great organization. 

December 10, 2016 Don

Answer to Craig Tully's question:
"Are any of the Lodges/clubs having anything for New Years night ? "
Not that I'm fully aware of, but if the trails are good to go the lodges could be hoping.

December 09, 2016 Craig Tully

Are any of the Lodges/clubs having anything for New Years night ?

December 06, 2016 Gary Scothorn

Your new web site is very nice,It is very user friendly.Good job Don and all others involved,you all do a lot of work too make snowmobiling an exciting experience.Thank-you.!!

December 05, 2016 Wally Knowles

The new website looks great. Looking forward to another great season riding club #1s awesome trails.

December 05, 2016 Mary J. Richard

Nice looking website; easy to navigate. Keep up the good work.

December 04, 2016 Guy Robert

Awesome web site. Just looking at the map there and it needs to be update for where to get gas. It's comes really handy to plan a long trip. Keep up the good work.
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