January 28, 2017 gabriel

if you come our way to help cleaning the trail dont forget to bring extra gasoline...some ststion are close or out of gas in the region ...just a heads up...really apreciated from what ever will be done..:)
No Problem,  Don

January 23, 2017 Gary from ns

The boys and I just spent four super great days on your trails in the Bathurst area.Trails were all the very best.Thank you and your crew for making all this possible.

January 23, 2017 Mike

Hats off to all volunteers and land owners all the teams behind the seen from the cooks to the groomers and the guys feeling the gas in our sleds. Trails were very good shape considering the amount of traffic P.S. Thanks to the Moose who stayed on his side of the trail........... The Boys From The South.

January 23, 2017 Blair

Trails very good thanks guys

January 22, 2017 Glen from Riverview

Great weekend again.From the host,Over 400 km that included some awesome off trail riding up Mt Fonsac,Mt LaClarq,island lake ,sugar camp down diwn the 22 to the lodge where we had a great supper . Once again is why i buy my trail passes for my sleds Club# 1 is the one

January 22, 2017 NS

Awesome job guys

January 19, 2017 NS

There is nothing more than I can say about the trails but Thank You

January 10, 2017 mike

Was up on the weekend the trails were awesome need newspaper and small kindling in red pine shelter was bitter cold but had a blast The boys from the south. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK TRAILS WERE WICKED.

January 07, 2017 N.S.

I think your club does a wonderful job of grooming it's trails .

January 04, 2017 Ryan

Great job on the website. Best in the province. Keeps me posted and up to date. Tell the groomer operators great work. They are grooming for the whole province of NB and NS. GREAT JOB.

December 30, 2016 derek

I was looking at the map and was wondering about trail 19 from Mt Carlton heading toward island lake(approx 24km), is closed or just hasn't been groomed yet. i was planing a trip from Bathurst and doing a loop around that way from island lake to serpentine just wondering if it is passable even if it is not groomed the trails were great last week when i was up. IT’S NOT GROOMED [USUALLY BY ST QUENTIN] BECAUSE OF DOWNED TREES. AT PRESENT I DON’T KNOW THE STATUS

December 28, 2016 Nova Scotia

      I have been snowmobiling on your trails for the best part of 20 years and must say you have a wonderful trail system . I am usually leading in my group so I for one like hand signals ,so I will know how many I have coming at me ,although I do not like to let my hands off the handlebars to give a signal on a turn . This subject has been a hot debate whether to use hand signals or for riders to keep their hands on the sled and stay on their own side of the trail. I feel one way to eliminate this debate or argument is to implement or enforce the ride lite or buddy lite ,like they use in Maine .This way both hands are on the handlebars and if they are 6 sleds in a group the first 5 have a yellow light on and the 6th a green light. I met snowmobilers in New Brunswick with them on their sleds last year and thought it was a great idea and I have them on my sleds this year .I hope that New Brunswick will give this some serious thought . I realize snowmobiling is a expensive sport but I do not think 150 dollars is going to chase people away .I travel from Cape Breton to snowmobile on your trails twice a year.

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