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Wonderful! Just Wonderful +Update 7.45 AM + Update 1.15 PM + Update 4.10 PM + Update 6.30 PM + Last Update 8.40 PM

07:00 AM - March 03, 2021

Wednesday  Club #1

8.40 PM Last Update: What a turn around on the #2 groomer that broke down at 10 PM Tuesday night. We picked up this AM, floated it to Tracadie for a repair, then had it back around 7 PM this evening, hooked it up to the drag and it is now 1.5 hours on the trail. Great work by all!!!

6.30 PM Update:  We will be getting the #2 groomer back tonight. Very proactive move on Ron Scotts action to pick it up this morning, float it to Tracadie for an oil sensor problem and a look over. Ron and Jacob will go to where the drag is at Blue Mountain Pit at Highway 430 and get that unit mobile. MIckey on the #1 should be at the shop in East Bathurst by 10 PM

4.10 PM update: We have the #1 groomer and will be leaving the Nepisiguit Lodge in a few minutes for East Bathurst. We have groomed the trails from Bathurst to Governors and over to Trail 19 on the 503. 

1.15 PM Update.  Things have changed a little since last post. The road to Rogers Lake just got opened and Mickey had to wait until the road got lowed from all the drifting. Make along story short , the road got plowed and Mickey is at Nine Mile Shelter and is on his way to East Bathurst. Hopefully things don't get worse.

7.45 AM Update: The road to Rogers Lake is plugged up up again. Roger on the #1 arrived at Rogers Lake at 2.30 AM. Mickey was supposed to replace him on the #1, but could not make it through due to the plugged Highway 430 to Rogers Lake. Roger stayed there overnight and Don Basque will feed him a breakfast and he will take the groomer as far as Nepisiguit where Mickey will take it to East Bathurst. That section hasn't been broken through yet.  Ant like the song says "and the beat goes on." I will update later. Ron is headed out with a tow truck for the #2 to bring it to Tracadie.

4 AM:            It is still blowing hard with -15 temps. We had both the #1 & 2 units still on the trail until 10 PM last night. The boys are working their butts off and in dangerous weather besides that. Picture yourself out there at two o’clock in the morning with gusting wind that you can barely see ahead plus -15 and God only knows the chill factor on top of that. Wonderful !!  WELL until 10 PM last night was the breaking point. The #2 broke down coming back from the Host with oil level alarms (more than likely it is faulty sensors). Lucky he made it to the highway 430 at Blue Mt. Ron had to pick him up and he has made arrangements with Jansen Branch to float the groomer to Tracadie sometime this morning for the repair. Mickey will replace Roger on the #1 and head for hell’s kitchen Trail 22. I will update when I get more info as this grooming is a nightmare given the high winds and drifting

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