Wings Night Tonight + Update 11 AM

10:00 AM - March 09, 2023

Update 11AM: Currently +3 at post and going to +4 with sun all day. It will be a good day on the trails. I call this dress down weather and ideal for cruising the trails. Tempeatures will drop to low minus tonight which will make it ideal for grooming.

         We are putting a push on for our remaining 50/50 lottery tickets. It has been a bit slow on sales so for those who have not purchased theirs, you have about 2 weeks remaining to do so. Remember that all funds raised go right back into the trail grooming, which we do a lot of. We have gone through some major expenses in the last three years with the purchasing of two groomers, So if you haven't purchased a ticket yet, it is easy to do so by clicking the "Lottery" logo at the top of the page or in person at our Nepisiguit Sports Lodge. 

       Tonight is Wing Night at the lodge {from 5 to 8 PM} and is sponsored by West End Sports. Come on up and enjoy.

       Last nights grooming had the #3 out of Nepisiguit  on trail 23  up to Nine mile shelter and back. It also did the 502  into the Austin Brook cluster.  The #1  groomed from Rogers Lake on 23 to Nine mile shelter, north on Trail 23 to the 301/22 intersection. It turned there to the 507 down to the Red Pine shelter then back on 507 and 22 south to Nine mile shelter  and 23 into Roger's Lake.  It also did the clusters enroute. 

See update at 10am.

Live view at Nepisiguit Sports Lodge

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