Wing Night Starts at 5PM Today

10:00 AM - February 01, 2024

        It looks like some new fresh snow coming today with up to 15 cm. Don't forget our wing night today at 5 PM sponsored by Discovery Drill Manufacturing. Grooming last night: The #1: Trail 23 from Rogers Lake to Popple Depot, 503 to Trail 503 / 19 intersection at Simpson Fields, Return to Rogers Lake. It also made multiple passes to repair trail 23 from Rogers Lake  to 40  Mile Brook on Trail 23 that  was destroyed by Drilling Company. The #2: Nepisiguit to Red Brook Shelter on Trail 19, then back to Blue Mountain near Big River and back to Nepisiguit.

Safety: It was brought to our attention that some snowmobilers do not know what to do when they meet the groomer. The first thing is expect to meet a groomer at anytime as we groom 24/7. When sledding keep in your mind there could be a groomer coming around the next corner. The groomers are not moving fast, but are wide and take up a lot of the trail in some of the trails. When you meet a groomer or come up behind the groomer the operator should dim his lights and if in a tight spot he will pull over as much as he can and stop. Then the snowmobile can slowly pass the groomer. We ask the groomer to stop because any sudden movement of the groomer or drag could hit someone passing and we don’t want that to happen.

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Two new Groomers in the past two years, Bush Cutter, Bridge Decking, Bridge Infrastructure Replacement, Trail Bed Maintenance, Trail Signs, Shelters and Yes, Outhouses!

We are the largest snowmobile club in NB, because of you. Thank You for your support.

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We had a request from our good friends from NS who are putting on a major event this weekend, The Sutherlands lake Trail Groomers Association wellcomes all to attend Friday and Saturday.

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