Where Will the Temperature End Up Today

09:55 AM - March 03, 2020

Tuesday, Mar 3rd, Club #1
-1 at post in Bathurst this morning. With the snow last week plus all the traffic from the Danny Burger Run, the trails held up to at least a 6 or better. We have been working them and have still a bit to go yet. looks like +5 to +7 for today. YIKES! Then it looks like what was supposed to be 15 cm of snow for Wednesday in the Bathurst area has now been changed to 15 mm  of rain. We'll see
Trails done in the last 36 hours:
Trail 19 from The Atlantic Host in Bathurst to Bass River.
Trail 23 from the Highway 360 (Key Anacon Rd) to Governors
Trail 507
Trail 22 from Nine Mile Shelter to the 22/301 intersection
Trail 503
Note: most of these trails are double passed plus parts or some with more. 
Events This Week for Nepisiguit:
Wednesday; Supper at the Lodge  6.30 PM. Stay tuned to this one with the pending rain.
Saturday, March 9, From 1 PM to 4PM 12th Annual Wings, Rings & Mussels Fest at Rogers Lake. Fund Raiser for Nepisiguit trail grooming. Sponsors: City Center Service Station Ltd, Steve’s Electric, Junction Log Homes, DonTeck Industries, and Boucher Machining Inc.  

Live view at Nepisiguit Sports Lodge

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