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11:10 AM - February 29, 2024


Thursday, Feb 29th, 2024, Club #1

Update 2PM:   From Marc Hannan:   Hey Don.   I just went about 10 km up Trail 23 towards Alyre from Governors. The hilltops are icy but good lube besides that. I didn't see any dirt or rocks. Still snowing a little at times. Looks very doable to Serpentine.

Update 11.30. Ron was up to Nine mile East road where trail 23 crosses the highway 430. He reports that the trail looks to be okay with some snow patches on it. Seeing this, it gives us hope that other sections in The High Ground will be very doable as well. We shall see.

Update 11am: -11 and sunny  at post. I had a few pics come my way. Trail 23 near Shady Lane 509 where it was plowed is toast. A few around Nepisiguit Lodge show a lot of bare spots plus the remaining is just ice. All in all we did not faìr that badly here in Bathurst with approximately 10 mm of rain, where other parts of New Brunswick received up to 200 mm of rain and streets are flooded. I never heard any reports out of Rogers Lake Lodge as how the trail conditions are out of that area. Most graveled roads will be a sheet of ice at the end of the day as temperatures are plummeting to -16.

     I don’t think “Good Morning” is an appropriate greeting here this morning, so just a hello from Bathurst is sufficient. It is +3 with a light rain falling at post. Although we did not receive the forecasted rain amounts, but we did have those south winds and temps of +5 overnight and +10 during the day yesterday that in my opinion did most of the damage. Snow levels have dropped significantly to the point of bare ground in locations in the City. What the trails look like is another question, but from my experience, they are the last to go due to the compactness of the trail bed of which this year the bed is as low as it has ever been in years, so given that we’ll just have to wait to hear from first hand reports.

     There is still some life back on the trails, but looking at the week forecast, I’m not sure if we can sustain a trail system with daytime temps from Saturday through next Thursday ranging from +2 to +9 with sun. With another 7 weeks left in the season, there could be some favorable weather yet to be had.

     Back in March 18th and 19th of 2012 our season came to an abrupt end when winter turned into summer when temperatures climbed to +28 degrees.

     We will still be having our Wing Night tonight at 5 PM. Stay tuned for further news today and if you have any info on the trails, we would appreciate hearing from you, good or bad.

Live view at Nepisiguit Sports Lodge

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