We got More Snow Last Night + Update #1

09:00 AM - January 18, 2022

      Update #1 2PM:   #1 Groomer is halfway to the Host from Nepisiguit Lodge on trail 19. It left at 11.30 this morning.   The #3 Big Blue just left Rogers Lake and is headed for  Nepisiguit on Trail 23.     

      Good morning from Bathurst. We received about 15 more cm of snow last night. It is of the wet variety as we had about a mm of rain with it and temps on +1 to +2.  The weather really through us a curve ball yesterday with temps ranging from -25 yesterday morning to +2 last night and they are calling for -18 tonight.    In anticipation of this snow, Ron brought the number one groomer down to Nepisiguit yesterday afternoon.      When the temps start to drop, which will be around noon we will start grooming. With both groomers  in position Ron will have his crew ready to hit the trails.

Again yesterday due to the cold and covid regulations we did not see much traffic. This seems to be their case throughout the system.

Below are pics of the build for the Popple Shelter. The first unit burnt Jan 7


  Chaleur Forest Products Lumber         Our volunteers and donators            Master Builders                                            Last Thursday


        Another donator                            Ready for steel donated by Three Step Contracting     Marc getting ready to Paint epoxy floor

Live view at Nepisiguit Sports Lodge

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