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10:00 AM - January 29, 2020

Update 11.30 AM  . #1 Groomer: Bryan just finished the 503 and is headed back to Rogers Lake.
                                   #3 groomer still down for welding on the drag. Should be good by end of day if we can procure a welder.
Wednesday, Jan 29th, Club #1
    We had a problem with the drag for Big Blue #3 groomer down near East Bathurst on Trail 19. So many rocks took one of the blades off. It will be repaired sometime today. Operators said that the trails took some beating this past weekend with the mild weather. We’re pressing on with the #1 this morning and will be up on the 503. We’re hopefully looking at getting the #2 back by the end of this week. 
    It was on the mild side yesterday, which didn’t hold well with grooming. So the above events will put us back grooming wise.

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