Warm Weather these last Few Days

09:30 AM - February 04, 2020

Tuesday, Feb 4th, Club #1
    -3 at post and going to zero again today. This is great weather for snowmobiling, but at zero and maybe into the plus, does not help the trail base at this time of year. The sun and warm weather continually peels away at what little base we have in some areas. They are calling for snow by Thurs & Friday so this could help. 
    For grooming, all three groomers were out yesterday prepping the trails for this anticipated snow. The #1 was out of Rogers Lake and did all Clusters in the California Loop and is still on the trail at post on Trail 23 to Serpentine. The #2 is did the Trail 19 from East Bathurst to Atlantic Host. The #3 was out from Nepisiguit, did the 502, Trail 23 up to Nine Mile Shelter, back on 23, down the line as far as highway 360, then back to Nepisiguit. So from yesterday morning we’ve covered a lot of trail from Bathurst to Serpentine (see map below fine red line). 
    Roast Beef Supper at the Lodge tomorrow night. 

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Live view at Nepisiguit Sports Lodge

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