Update on Lottery

10:00 AM - October 19, 2020

Update on Lottery for Club #1, Monday Oct 19
      Locations for our lottery ticket sales; see below. We will be releasing our access to purchasing our lottery tickets On-Line this week. It will be very simple to do and it is targeted to our out of Bathurst purchasers for their convenience. A note on the lottery is that the response (with just a few days in) is exceptional and we are deeply grateful for your support as we are unable to fund raise through our normal means as we’ve been doing so since our inception. Our fund raisin normally took in about $45,000 each year to subsidize our grooming, so this is our prime reason for the 50-50 lottery. I thank you for reading past entries for more detail.  P.S. Mail out should occur by the end of this week.

Kerr's Chainsaw Ltd. Bradley Kerr

City Center. Claude Doucet

West End Sports. Guy Hache

Brunswick Powersports. Yves Mazerolle

Patterson Sales. Chris Young / Andrew Carroll

3-Step Contracting. Marc Poirier

Theriault's Groceries. Jennifer Tardif

Glendenning’s Convenience  

Eugene Frenette

Mike Skerry

David Carroll

Don Kenny

Dave Brewster

Live view at Nepisiguit Sports Lodge

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