Update 11.30 AM + Groomers are Out of Rogers Lake and East Bathurst

08:00 AM - January 18, 2021

Monday   Club #1

Update 11.30 AM

      The #1 has been to Bass River on Trail 19. Currently on the Line heading for Atlantic Host. The #2 has Groomed from Rogers Lake to Nepisiguit Lodge on Trail 19 and is on its way back. They'll be running 24-7 until we get this under us. It is very good snow to groom as it has dried out dvernight. We had up to 30 cm near Bathurst and possibly more in the higher elevations.

        Ron Scott: Well we got a good dump Sunday, just what we needed. However it was wet but by waiting until it cooled down overnight this will make a great base. Hopefully we would see sleds pack it down as it was too wet for us. We will start out early this morning and wont stop until all trails are groomed. I will send out a schedule later this afternoon. But will start with # 2 out of Rogers lake and head to our lodge with Roger and I will take # 1 from shop to host and see how that goes.   

           You can purchase your tickets on-line with the URL or you can call me at 480-9379 or FB message or email me for tickets. I have tickets at my disposal. Make cheque payable to Nepisiguit Sports Lodge Inc. and mail it to me. I will give you my address when doing so . Tickets available at:Kerr's Chainsaw Ltd. Bradley Kerr City Center. Claude Doucet West End Sports. Guy Hache Brunswick Powersports. Yves Mazerolle Patterson Sales. Chris Young / Andrew Carroll, 3-Step Contracting. Marc Poirier ,Theriault's Groceries. Jennifer Tardif, Glendenning’s Convenience ,Curt’s Auto Repair, Eugene Frenette, Mike Skerry, Marco Leblanc, Marc Hannan, Clayton Chamberlain ,Bryan Harris , Denise Lebreton Pokemouche 727-8398 , David Carroll , Bob Comeau ,Dave Brewster, Richard Dobson  

Live view at Nepisiguit Sports Lodge

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