Two Remaining Groomers are Out this Morning

05:40 AM - January 15, 2020

Wednesday, Jan 15th, Club #1

     We are officially down to two groomers with the #2 out for hopefully less than a week due to a Cummings engine failure. The other two groomers were out last night and the workhorse #1 had just got back to Rogers Lake from Serpentine and after a routine service it was off to Bathurst with Roger at the helm. It will return to Rogers lake sometime today. The #3 unit left Nepisiguit last night for Bass River on Trail 19 and it will return to Nepisiguit today. Just hope that all goes well with these two units.
     After today we should have a good handle on the grooming when Mickey takes off from Rogers Lake to Mt Carleton on 23 and the 504 sometime tonight after Ron returns from Trail 22. From what I heard that trails that have been groomed are good to V Good, but those conditions are all relative to traffic. The trail leaving the Host on 19 to the Lodge should be decent after we pass the #1 groomer. All clubs doing a lot of grooming in the past few days. Hats off to you. See map below.
     Supper tickets for tonight are completely sold out and if anyone decides that they are not coming we appreciate you calling about your cancelation, because people are calling for tickets. 
     Please sled with safety in mind. Don’t become a statistic. You have family that wants to see you walk through that door safe and well. 

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Live view at Nepisiguit Sports Lodge

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