Two Groomers Out + Update 1PM

09:30 AM - January 28, 2020

Update #1, 1 PM: The #3 unit was relieved at the Host on  Trail 19 and is currently heading for East Bathurst and Bass River on Trail 19. The #1 is about 2 hours out of Rogers Lake on its way back from Serpentine (16 hour run) and will be back up the 23 to the 503 with another operator (Bryan).

Tuesday, Jan 28th, Club #1    Good Morning Everyone, Looks like a great week coming.
       Both of our groomers left the barn last night at approximately 8.30 PM. The #1 left Rogers Lake for Serpentine on Trail 23 with Roger at the helm. The #3 left from RL as well with Troy running to Nepisiguit and to the Atlantic Host. They will be relieved at the end of their runs and will continue until all major trails are completed. We should see them all touched by early Wednesday or so. 
      This latest precip did not hurt us one bit, as a matter of fact, it helped put a hardened surface on the trails and with this week’s temps we escaped a small bullet. This weather which is a bit unusual for what we’ve experienced over the past 5 or 6 years, makes January riding really fantastic. It is more like late March and early April riding. Trails should be approaching 9 to 10 by Wednesday. 
      Just a word about our Wednesday Night Suppers. This year has been phenomenal in the presence of a full lodge for every supper with tickets for each being a rare commodity at times. It is great for us as it subsidizes our trail grooming, which is always a priority with our club. Of course it is not all about trail grooming, but every aspect of what goes into the trails pre season. This week's supper is a Roast Turkey and a big shout out to this week's sponsor, Guy and West End Sports

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Live view at Nepisiguit Sports Lodge

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