Two Groomers out, One Broken

09:20 AM - January 14, 2020

Tuesday, Jan 14th, Club #1
     -11 here in Bathurst. We just ended up behind the 8 ball yesterday as we had to ship the #2 groomer to Tracadie due to a engine fuel problem. Hopefully we get the unit back today. If anything the trails to Bathurst will be well tramped. We were out early enough yesterday with the other two units and they are still hard at it. The #1 is up to Serpentine and the #3 is at Nepisiguit. See map below on trails groomed. 
    We should have good snow cover in a lot of needed places, although the snow was light with a lot of air in it. 25 to 30 cm in Bathurst and 35 to 45 in the high ground. Groomers had no problem with this light snow. There wasn't much wind with this storm, so drifting was minimal.
    Someone was very worried about me as I found out later today when I got a call from a good snowmobiler friend of mine. I didn’t post until 8.30 yesterday morning so he phoned me up and had a good chuckle over me being late with the post. He also commented on how great all the trails were as he said “I was never so bored with all table top trails”. We should have all trails groomed by Wednesday morning and hen starts the maintenance due to all this loose snow, which was very fine and light.
     Roast Beef supper at the lodge Wednesday night. Call 548-9174 for tickets. 

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Live view at Nepisiguit Sports Lodge

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