Trails were busy for a Monday

09:50 AM - February 18, 2020

Tuesday, Feb 18th, Club #1
    -20 in Bathurst overnight. The temperatures are really erratic over the past week or so. Yesterday the trails seen steady traffic as well as all lodges. It had to be the layover of this weekend plus the holiday. The groomers were out again last night to make sure the trails were kept decent in the busy sections. I was up to the lodge late yesterday and everyone was saying how good the trails were.  Trails are 8 to 10. 
    Last night we had the #1 on Trail 23 out of Rogers Lake up to Nine Mile Shelter, turn there and was supposed to be up Piston Alley again, and over on the 503, but Its engine was cutting out with fuel delivery problems so Ron will be checking it out today. The #3 was also on Trail 23 on the important highly traveled section between Nepisiguit Lodge and the Nine Mile Shelter. The #2 will be on Trail 19 from the Atlantic Host to East Bathurst today. It will do the Trail into Squire Green on the way by.
    Rolland Landry and 2 friends installed the battery in Nine Mile Shelter this past weekend and also installed some wood into the same from the wood storage.They will check on it by this Friday again.
    This Wednesday’s supper is sponsored by Steve’s Electric, City Center Service Station Ltd and Boucher Machining Inc. It will be a Roast Turkey supper with all the fixens plus Joan’s dessert desert, which is always a surprise. Unfortunately it is all sold out so tickets are a rare item as of today. 

Live view at Nepisiguit Sports Lodge

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