Trails Remain Very Good Despite all the Snow Interruptions + Update

09:30 AM - March 13, 2020

Update 7.15 AM: I just got a call from Alyre at Serpentine that there is a truck sunk
      in the trail 23 about 15 km west of the Four Corners intersection of 58/23.
      It is ribboned off, but Trail is rutted. We won't be going that way for a while
       with the groomer then there is this snow that is coming today.
      They tried to get it out with Alyre's argo, but no success.
            As a footnote they have downgraded the snowfall from 10 to 15 cm. 
       which isn't too bad.
Friday, Mar 13th, Club #1 
      -18 in Bathurst and rather cool overnight, which is great for trail set-up. Great reports from all sledders that I spoke with yesterday with all reporting great to excellent. That is not stopping us for putting the groomers out for a final touch-up before what the weather is calling for in the next 24 hours. They are calling for up to 25 cm (thanks St Pat; just a little early don’t you think). 
     The groomers started last evening at about 7 PM with 10 to 15 hour runs. We’ll have all trails touched from The Atlantic Host and Bass River to Nepisiguit Lodge (19 & 23), plus from Nepisiguit to Red Pine Shelter, 507, trail 22 to the 22/301 intersection. After this snow tonight we’ll play the grooming as we see fit. This appears to be a fast moving storm, which will start mid day and finish just after midnight so we could be in for 3 cm/hr. We'll see? Hmmmm.
        We had our supper last night for the Miramichi Valley Snowmobile Club with all proceeds from the supper going to their club. This is an annual event to show our great support from their members who show up faithfully to our suppers as well as using our club as their favorite Pit-Stop, plus almost treat our club house as their own. I was speaking with Ron Kierstead last night and we mutually agreed that as far as two clubs, we work so well together on different projects. As usual they always have tons of prizes for their supper. We had a great entertainer in Greg Pickard who did an auction for them on a snowmobile jacket and was a big hit with the crowd on hand. Truly a great night was had by all. The supper raised just under $4000 for them. 

                  Ron Kierstead    &   Don Kenny


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Live view at Nepisiguit Sports Lodge

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