Trails are still Great

10:00 AM - March 28, 2020

A lot of people are practising distance and are still riding. Sleds are still traveling from their homes in Bathurst. Spoke to at least three people and they said trails are phenomenal. A lot of people are secluding themselves at their camps in the trail system. Rogers Lake closed. Gov and Serp open for gas only. Locals running every day. Trails are self grooming as i usually is this time of year.

CO 19  Canada  cases 4675  53 Deaths     New Brunswick 45 cases  March 27,   6 PM
United States  Cases  100,000 an increase of over 30,000 in one day
                                       1539 Deaths an increase of 530 in one day
                                       But everything is going incredibly well

Folks we are in hard and scary times here in North America when we are depending on a reactionary Government and not a proactive Government. This is an article just today:

         How To Get More Ventilators And What To Do If We Can't
Factory capacity can be ramped up, but the components come from overseas and they could be hard to find.        Assessing The Current Ventilator Supply Is Difficult.
Precise, reliable counts of available ventilators do not exist yet. The estimate most people cite comes from a 2009 survey that said 62,000 units were scattered across hospitals and clinics around the country. The number today is probably at least a few thousand higher, if only because that figure is a decade old and the population has grown significantly since then.
      So that sounds like a lot. But it’s not as if those machines are just sitting there waiting for somebody to use them. On a normal day, the majority of working ventilators are already in use for patients with everything from cancer to heart disease. Usage rises even more during flu season.
   “The need for ventilation services during a severe pandemic could quickly overwhelm these day-to-day operational capabilities,” a February report from the Johns Hopkins University Center for Health Security warned.       Hospitals can free up ventilators by cutting back on certain elective surgeries, as they are already, and by switching patients to alternative forms of breathing assistance that would not be appropriate for COVID-19, the illness caused by the coronavirus. (Some breathing devices can disperse droplets from the patient’s airway, potentially spreading infection.)
    And there are other ventilators, possibly quite a lot of them, that could be put to use. The federal government keeps an emergency stockpile and officials have indicated it’s about 10,000 units, although the precise number and location are classified because it is part of the government’s defense plans against bioterrorism and biological warfare. 
         The above was just a bit of the excerpt. 
Just think that if you come down with this virus, it could be the last time you will ever see your loved ones again as witnessed by thousands of families world wide and is happening on a daily basis here in North America, especially in the USA. And the numbers above could be just a tip of the iceberg. Stay safe out there and practice social distancing.

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