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10:00 AM - February 07, 2024

       This week's wing nights sponsors are RH Frenette and Blue Roof Distillers.

      All trails in the Nepisiguit system have seen at least two passes and some up to six in the past 2 1/2 days.  We had two groomers out again last night and they groomed trail 23 from the 19/23 intersection at highway 360 through Nepisiguit, Rogers Lake to Popple Depot with a double pass. They will be out again tonight. 

       SAFETY: We got a concern from a concerned citizen regarding snowmobiles not stopping at stop signs on the railbed on trail 19 near East Bathurst. Their message : We’re very concerned about the stop signs on Sutherland Ave on Snowmobile trails, the snowmobiles are not stopping and we just witnessed a truck coming out the road and Snowmobile flying by. This has happened a few times. They are hauling wood and the truck driver said he almost hit someone.  Our message is that stop ahead and stop signs are put up for that reason, it means "STOP". It is incumbent on our snowmobilers to heed these signs. THANK YOU!!!!!!

Our 50/50 Lottery is now in full swing and we are looking for a good response from our 1315 members and friends of the Nepisiguit Snowmobile Club here in Bathurst. Your support goes right back into your trails

Where your support has been spent:

Two new Groomers in the past two years, Bush Cutter, Bridge Decking, Bridge Infrastructure Replacement, Trail Bed Maintenance, Trail Signs, Shelters.

Thank You for your support.

To purchase please you can do it online by clicking the Lotto Logo at the top of the page or at Nepisiguit Lodge.

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