Trails are Improving + update 7 AM

09:00 AM - January 08, 2020

Update 7AM: #2 unit still on the trail. Returning from the Host to Nepisiguit on 19 /23
Wednesday, Jan 8th, Club #1
    -18 overnight, which is a big change from the higher numbers we were used to seeing so this gives us better set-up conditions. How long will this last, I do not care to speculate. Since Saturday night through to today we are seeing massive improvements in conditions. Contributing factors are lesser traffic, temperatures, and we have our two new drags in operation. I was speaking with Ron Scott for quite a while on the new drags and he is thoroughly impressed and I can see that also in the comments coming back from sledders. 
    In the last two days we have been concentrating more on trails East of Rogers Lake and as of yesterday we have been pounding these trails, but we know there is only so much we can do with limited snow in some of these sections. I think (hope to think) that sledders know our dilemma here in that there is limited snow in these areas to make a perfect trail. Last Night, the #1 was out of Rogers Lake to Nepisiguit plus the #2 was out of Nepisiguit to Atlantic Host and with this cold temp, there should be much improvement. See attached maps. 
    We are seeing some movement from the clubs just south of us making an effort to get some grooming in with the same conditions we’re struggling with. 
    Try and get out to our first supper tonight and that goes to all visitors to the area. Better to call the lodge at 548-9174. Supper starts at 6.30 PM. Hope to see you there. 

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Live view at Nepisiguit Sports Lodge

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