Trails are Great in the Nepisiguit System

10:00 AM - March 03, 2023

      Thanks to our Wing Night sponsor Bathurst Heavy Equipment for last night’s sponsorship. A great time as usual was had by all. They sponsored a beautiful prize, chain saw.

      It is -6° C at post. We had a little fluff yesterday with just about 4 cm of snowfall and temperatures warming up to  -4° C with sun in the afternoon. We had two units grooming last night with The #2 from the Atlantic Host in Bathurst (Trail 19) to Nepisiguit and back. The #1 groomed from Rogers Lakeon 23 to Red Pine, 507, north on Trail 22 to the 22/301 intersection, then 22 south to Nine mile shelter,  23 to Nepisiguit then back to Rogers Lake on Trail 23.

      Great reviews from sledders about our trails from words like "fantastic", "Hard", "Fast", "Wide". All credit to Ron and crew for staying with consistent grooming. We are servicing the #3 "Big Blue" today. It will be ready to roll by days end. All three groomers will be on the trails tonight. Help us with continued support of grooming by purchasing our 50/50 lottery ticket on-line or at the lodge. Under 4 weeks left to purchase.

      It looks like a busy weekend coming up. March is shaping up, weather wise, to be a great month of snowmobiling, so get out and enjoy the trails while they last. On that note please drive sensibbly on the trails and think of your loved ones back at home hoping you're safe.

      Just a reminder about our call from NB Power at the Hydro Dam. They had snowmobiles running on the Head Pond at Nepisiguit Power Dam that come precariously too close to the Dam and are very concerned with this practice as there is only 2 inches of ice near the dam. 


Live view at Nepisiguit Sports Lodge

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