Trails are Good to Excellent

09:00 AM - January 26, 2021

    Tuesday    Club #1

       It was quiet on the trails yesterday, but we had one groomer out of Rogers Lake on the California Loop and back on the Trail 22. The groomer out of the lodge area was idle due to one of the operators down with a sickness. The #2 unit is down for some software adjustments. All trails should be in decent shape other than some sections of Trail 19 out of East Bathust and Atlantic Host to Nepisiguit being a little rough in a few spots due to the lack of snow.

       All clubs are doing a fantastic job and are doing what they can giving the amount of snow in some areas.

       People really taking an interest in the Christmas Mountain Trail system. It is an area that provides some great trails plus great scenery. Given the situation we’re in with the loss of the Edmundston trail system, it provides a great opportunity to see some awesome sledding for those who would like something a little different. It would be advisable that you should be topping up with gas at either Governors or Serpentine if you take these extra loops.

         As was mentioned yesterday, we are in the final three weeks of our Lottery for our Nepisiguit Sports Lodge Snowmobile Club. We have sold over 700 tickets and given that we have only three weeks left to sell the remaining 300 or so we may extend the lottery draw date a bit. We’re hoping for all who didn’t purchase maybe go spitting a ticket with a friend or multiple friends. At least, this way you could be in on a chance to win a prize. e will be pushing to sell our remaining tickets for the draw. (Note: See details and reasons for the draw by going to  and support local tourism, which is all what our club is about. The draw will be prorated in case we don’t get to sell the 1000 tickets.

Live view at Nepisiguit Sports Lodge

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