Trails Are Flat And Hard.

09:00 AM - February 28, 2023

       We're in the last day of February already with hopefully at least a good month of sledding left. We never know what type of weather is in store for March, but the two week forecast looks good. It is -23 here in Bathurst this morning so the trails would set up immediately behind the groomer.

      Grooming last night saw the # 1 out of Rogers Lake west to Piston Alley and up to Governors (Popple Depot), over to Dry Gulch on the 506. He turned there and back to Rogers Lake . The # 3 was out of Nepisiguit on Trail 23 and over to Nine mile shelter and Back. It also groomed into the Austin Brook cluster.     

 This weeks wings Night is sponsored by Bathurst Heavy Equipment. Thursday night 5 to 8 PM. They have donated a Stihl chain saw for this weeks prize.

      Safety Message: Drive on the RIGHT side of the trail. Never take for granted that the sled around the next corner is not on your side of the trail.

      Are you looking for a trail permit??? If so you all can purchase them on Line at Service New Brunswick (click below on the SNB url) plus if you are from out of province you can also purchase them from us at the Atlantic Host, Quality Inn or at our Nepisiguit Lodge from Club #1. On your application indicate club #1 or the club of your choice. We also have daily permits that are also at the above locations. For accommodations in Bathurst there is the Atlantic Host, Quality Inn, Best Western and the Comfort Inn.  

Live view at Nepisiguit Sports Lodge

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