Trail from Nepisiguit

10:00 AM - January 07, 2023

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       This is at least the third time we repaired the trail from Nepisiguit Lodge out to Highway 430 due to prior rains and melt downs. Grooming Last night saw the # 1 on 23 west to 507, then 22-508 installed pallets on a water spot onthe trail into 40 Cluster then the 22 south to the Nine mile shelter, then north on 22 to 301, back to 507 and Rogers lake .  The # 2 Jacob NSL- Rogers lake and back to NSL on Trail 23

       Just for everyones info the Park Groomers are out, but I see limited grooming so far. Word is that the 504 is not groomed due to downed trees. It is a good thing that we have great operators on the Nepisiguit crew and volunteers or else there would be no trails groomed in our section due to fallen trees and branches.  All reports from sledders that trails out of Nepisiguit are in great shape. Other notes: No direct links yet to Bathurst, Penisula, Miramichi due to not enough snow. Trail 19 from Big River is groomed and in decent shape. 

Wing night next Thursday . See prize below.

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