Trail 19 to East Bathurst Groomed

10:00 AM - January 13, 2023

       -7 in Bathurst and a light snow falling at present and throughout the night 

     First we want to thank Fix Auto Bathurst and Elm Tree Resources for sponsoring our first wing night of the season.

     Well we have groomed 95% of all our trail system so it is safe to say that it is good to go everywhere in our system, BUT always be cautious of hidden pitfalls so we urge you to drive with caution, especially within 30 Km of Bathurst as these trails have just been developed for the season.

       Yesterday Ron room from the Nepisiguit lodge down through Trail 19 to East Bathurst. Jacob took over at that point and returned to the lodge. The #1 groomed from Rogers Lake to the Nepisiguit Lodge and back. This could be the last grooming until this snowfall is over. I will report when I get the info from Ron as to when the groomers will be out. Please do not call a minute after the storm and ask are the trails groomed yet?

       It has been snowing since at least midnight and by the looks of it, will continue through Saturday. It is the storm that we have been waiting for to help us get these Trails set up. Please be patient with us and we will keep you informed once this snowfall is over. It is forecasted to bring us anywhere between 20 to 40 cm. We'll see!! 

Live view at Nepisiguit Sports Lodge

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