Three Groomers Remotely Positioned

10:00 AM - December 19, 2019

Thursday, Dec 19th, Club #1
       We moved the third groomer up to Nepisiguit and we’ll attempt running out of the Lodge Area to Nine Mile East Rd and maybe up the ditch as that road was ploughed earlier. The #1 is on its way to Serpentine and Big Blue after an electrical fix is up towards Popple Depot. Ron is going to test the trail out of the Nepisiguit Lodge this morning with the #2 unit. Most of this grooming is on a wait and see basis. We are taking one day at a time. 
In Summary: #1 unit is out of Rogers Lake,  The #2 unit is working out of Nepisiguit and trying to do its best from there. The #3 unit "Big Blue" is also out of Rogers Lake.
      We'll see what happens with the trail out of the lodge then maybe we might think of looking at "The Line"

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Live view at Nepisiguit Sports Lodge

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