Three Groomers Out Last Night

09:10 AM - February 01, 2020

Saturday, Feb 1st, Club #1
     Good morning from Club #1. It is a good morning when we can say again “We have three groomers on the move since last night”. We got the #2 back and put it to work as we picked up the drag at the 23/19 intersection where it laid for close to three weeks. From there it was onto the Atlantic Host on Trail 19. The #1 had a hiccup on Thursday night when the cab heater fan did not work and had to cancel its run about 20 Km out of Rogers Lake; however, it was out last night and up the 504 to Mt Carleton. The #3 Big Blue has been moved back to its regular run between Nepisiguit and Rogers Lake on Trail 23. I would like to thank Ron Scott to see us through these many groomer crisis’. It took a lot of patience and durability on his part. Make sure you give him a shout out. Trails are very decent. But it is only continuous grooming that keeps it somewhat decent. 
     Just a note on our club #1 trail system in a 130Km stretch between Nepisiguit Falls and Serpentine Lake. There aren’t too many trails in Canada where you can travel to quality venues between stretches of 30 to 60 Km such as Nepisiguit, Rogers Lake, Governors and Serpentine Lodges where you are treated with that friendly atmosphere and a wide array of dining. We also have three shelters in between and great stretches of trails and scenery. 
      I kind of went on a day sabbatical leave where I spent a day on the trails and night at friends place. I kind of got ribbed for it but it was worth it with a great ride through the above system including Mt Carleton and this is my report that I had on facebook yesterday. “” I want to share my day with Doug and Brian. We started out at Nepisiguit 8.30 AM through Rogers Lake, Governors and Serpentine on Trail 23 with 10 of 10 trails all the way, stopped at Gov to visit Dale and on to Serpentine to dine at Alyre’s. Over to Mt Carleton on Candy Cane to see the lodge then back to Governors on the 504. We rode Piston Alley back to Rogers Lake to spend some time with Serge (Happy Birthday Serge) then back to Nepisiguit and lunch with Charlene & Jessie. It was an absolutely gorgeous day and for my first time out this year, what can I say, but we live in great place in this section of the world. This section of Trail 23 offers four great venues along with some of the most spectacular scenery.  

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Live view at Nepisiguit Sports Lodge

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