Three Groomers out at Post

09:35 AM - March 08, 2020

Sunday, March 8th, Club #1
     -10 in Bathurst this morning. It was great weather for sledding yesterday plus starting off with great trails and a couple of great events that took place as well including our wings and mussels event at Rogers Lake. I’m not sure how the trails held up, but our groomers were out last night retouching our trails.  
     The #1 groomed out of RL up Piston Alley to Governors and over the 503 to Simpson Fields on Trail 19. It is currently on the return trip to Rogers Lake. The #2 was out of East Bathurst on Trail 19, then to Nepisiguit Lodge on Trail 23 turned there and headed to Atlantic Host in Bathurst. The #3 Big Blue was out of Nepisiguit on Trail 23 up to Rogers Lake and back to Nepisiguit.
     The weather today will provide another great day for sledding so get out and enjoy the trails and keep safety in mind when doing so as we've had our share of serious accidents on New Brunswick Trails so far this year.

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Live view at Nepisiguit Sports Lodge

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