Three Groomers are Out--- Update 11.30 am--- Update 4.00 PM

09:00 AM - January 02, 2020

2nd Update 4 PM: Ron has the trail done from the Nepisiguit to the Host, (condition is from very doable to good). He is now on his way back from the Atlantic Host to Trail 19 East towards Bass River where there will be the third operator swap. Here comes the bad news. We were just about 10 Km past Governors towards the Serpentine Lodge when the operator noticed some bolts in the articulation joint were either missing or broken. At that point he turned and is headed back to Rogers Lake for the repair, which more than likely will take place tomorrow. Too bad, but the cookie crumbles in different ways. A lot of vibration on hard trails on start-up doesn't help.  

1st Update 11.30 AM. #1 groomer on trail 23 to Serpentine. #2 groomer 3 hours from Atlantic Host. #3 Groomer parked until tonight.
Thursday, Jan 2nd, Club #1
     Well, we’re starting a new year with some new snow to groom. Ron had the boys out last night. The #1 was out of Rogers Lake on 23 up the 507 to trail 22/301 intersection, back on the 22 to Nine Mile Shelter, turned back on 22, then back to Rogers Lake. The #2 left Nepisiguit for Rogers Lake where it turned and headed back to Nepisiguit and is headed towards the Atlantic Host. The #3 left Rogers Lake for Governors and will return to Rogers Lake. See the two maps below. Green is what we did last night and red is planned for sometime today.
   Stay tuned for updates. The three groomers are still on the trail on the above runs. We should be in decent shape by noon tomorrow with most of the major trails looked after. I’ll have a better feel on where we stand later today. 
    We just had two brand new mogul master drags delivered to our club. They will be placed into use as soon as we see a logical moment to make the switch. One will go to the #1 and the other to the #2 groomers. 

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Live view at Nepisiguit Sports Lodge

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