Things went well out there last night. + Update 3 PM

09:15 AM - January 24, 2020

Update 3 PM: 503 completed and half way up on Trail 504 to Mt Carleton
Friday, Jan 24th, Club #1
      Not sure about writing this post this morning as I don’t want to jinx our one day without an incident. With the #1 on the go and just getting back from Serpentine to Rogers Lake, Roger was there to meet Mickey to take it back on the 23 and do the 503 for the first time this year due to the logging operation on Trail 19 near Simpson Fields. When the finish that it will turn on the 23 and do the 504 from Governors to the Mt Carleton Park. The #3 “Big Blue” ran from Nepisiguit to the Host in Bathurst by Ron and Troy took over from there and is currently on the trail back to Nepisiguit Lodge. 
      We are getting great reports back on trail conditions and that was helped by all the cold weather that occurred this past 7 days. We are trying to bring them up to an 8 to 10 level. There was steady traffic all day yesterday through the system and it was almost like Spring riding with temps near the zero level. 
    Drive safe out there.  

Live view at Nepisiguit Sports Lodge

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