The Season is Not Over

03:55 PM - March 18, 2020

     Club #1 just had an executive meeting discussing the recent global health crisis and came up with the decision of continuing on business, but with certain precautions being put in place. First with our grooming is that there will be no major changes done here except for the grooming of the Trail 504 into the park. We will do it once more and it is because since the Park groomed the Candy Cane Trail plus 23 and 58 east and south of Mt Carleton and the Trail 19 East linking to Island Lake for the last time on March 16. This will take place in the next day or so.
    For our Nepisiguit Lodge the unanimous decision here is to keep it open for business as usual except for all precautionary measures such as table spacing and more frequent cleaning. We felt that shutting this important stop for most snowmobilers would be a great disservice for food and gas as there are people depending on this. We are asking the Public’s help on this to use prudence when visiting the facilities in our trail system. We would like to think that we are all in this crisis together and to look out for each other. 
    There is a lot of great sledding left in our area and we would only be cheating you out of the last few weeks of what was a perfect year up until now, but again, your cooperation here is crucial. 
    There have been decisions made by other venues to remain open status quo or shut down certain services and that is their decision and must be respected. Going forward, all of the above may change but at least not without a day or two’s notice. Check earlier post with other venue changes. 
     We are getting close to that phenomena of weather dictating self grooming and we are entering the season where there is a lot of good riding. Enjoy the rest of the season, but with caution. 

Live view at Nepisiguit Sports Lodge

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