The New Groomer is on the Trails as of yesterday.

08:00 AM - December 18, 2020

Friday, Dec 18th, Club #1

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          We had our new groomer out yesterday from Rogers Lake. Trail 23 Rogers Lake to Red Pine Shelter, 507 to 22, up 22 to 301, back down 22 to Nine Mile Shelter, down Nine Mile West Trail 23 to Rogers Lake. Roger will do Nine Mile East this morning and will possibly attempt going through to the Lodge. We’ll see what happens here with that section which I mention below.

     Ron was mentioning if we had a few volunteers to run from Nine Mile West into Rogers Lake to cut remaining branches that were just too much for the operator to contend with. Thanks in advance.

     We brought the #1 back to the shop with a lack of power problem. Working out the bugs I guess. We still need a little more over the 503 from Popple Depot to Simpson Fields as there is a deep gully and a brook (Tower Brook) that we have to cross. It would be nice if we could get some feedback from sledders on this trail.

       There has been a very good freeze up in the last few days, not your -20s, but anything is good. Here are the conditions from Bathurst to Rogers Lake: Not enough snow to cover all the booboos in the trail from Atlantic Host to Nepisiguit (Trail 19 east). This is the same from East Bathurst to Nepisiguit (Trail 19 West). We need more snow and some more FREEZE. From Nepisiguit to Nine Mile East on Trail 23 there is about 10 inches, but there is a mud bog about 7 Km from the lodge (it may be safe for a sled now, but we don’t want to agrivate the situation with the groomer (we'll see about that one). The head pond at Nepisiguit is not frozen enough for any traffic. DO NOT CROSS (There is always a question as to who will cross it first). I’m assuming at this time that the Miramichi club will not be on the 52 north as well.

       The Lodge isn’t open yet, but it is close. There is no traffic through the Lodge Yard yet.

Live view at Nepisiguit Sports Lodge

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