The Mixed bag of Weather is almost over + Update + 11 AM Update + 2 PM Update

08:35 AM - February 18, 2022

Update 2 PM.  Thanks to Betty and Dennis for sponsoring last night’s “Wing Night”.

With the trails freezing back to normal and about 7 CM of snow down and clearing by this afternoon sleds are on the move.

Update 11 AM: Snowing rather heavily here in Bathurst at post. -5 and about 5 cm on the ground. Conditions are improving but heed the warnings below.

Update 9AM: -2 in Bathurst. It finally changed to snow and it transitioned through a short period of freezing rain. There is about 2 to 3 cm of snow and the driving would be terrible as the streets are covered with slush and that would make for hazardous driving, which I find the hardest. By the time this is over. I'm guessing 10 cm here in the Bathurst area.  One good thing that I noticed is the changeover from rain to snow did not result in any build-up of ice on the trees, which is always worrisome for the snowmobile clubs.

    It is 0 at post and dropping. Well, so much for that &%$#&&@ forecast. It was still raining here in Bathurst at 4 AM with 20 mm down and no snow. It is worse towards Popple Depot. The rain should be over by 8AM and then go into a flash freeze with some snow into the afternoon. They were calling for up to 20 cm of snow, but that isn’t going to happen and we would be lucky to get 10 cm. If you’re wondering the answer is “No, the rain never hurt us”, at least not yet. We may see the affects of some water cuts in the trails at worst. Ron may have the groomers out this afternoon. Will update then. In the meantime be careful with ice on the trails even if there is snow cover.

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