Temporary Suspension on Grooming + Update

08:00 AM - March 23, 2021

Tuesday, Mar 23rd, Club #1

Update 8.15 AM: Another issue is the Trail 23 into Rogers Lake where there was a wood operation and the road was plowed up earlier in the season. That section is down to mud. Advise taking Trail 22 at Nine Mile Shelter then the 507.

       Mother Nature took another toll on the trails with another +16 to 18 degree weather. Here is a mini trail report from a sledder who was out yesterday: Trail 503; many bare spots especially in the choppings. Trail 23 Piston Alley just before Governors on the big hill is down to gravel. Trail 23 just between Nepisiguit Lodge and the Nine Mile East Road has sink holes near the beaver pond. These are just to name a few that was reported.   

      We are going to suspend grooming at least for three or four days until the weather cools off some. It looks like this warm weather will persist until this weekend and then we’ll see what snow we have left. We’ll be making a call on grooming at that time. We sent one groomer out late Saturday, but turned around because of conditions.

      On safety: At this time of year be on the lookout for sink holes and water cuts. We can't be out there putting up warnings with the groomer as the above comment suggests. Slow down at these times. 

Live view at Nepisiguit Sports Lodge

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