Temperatures Becoming a Key Factor + Update

05:00 AM - March 19, 2021

Friday   Club #1

UPDATE 10 AM:   Ron made a big call this morning as he seen the great temperatures for the day, so he sent all groomers out this morning. They will be on the trail for most of the day and this evening. I had a report from my eyes in the woods and he said trails are starting to show brown spots here and there. I'm urging all sledders to be cautious and drive with ease by not tearing up what we have left.   # 1 Mickey. RL west on 23-507-22-301 back on 22- NMS turn back on 22-507-23-RL  # 2 Jacob or Bryan. NSL up to Austin brook in as far as plowed road turn back out then up 23- RL – back to NSL groom trail 510 and trail up from river then down to The Host in Bathurstt fill both tanks at host turn back to NSL. # 3 I will drive Roger to NSL at 8 AM he will groom from NSL-BR and back to shop. 

      We groomed 80 % of our major trails Wednesday night and Thursday morning and Ron is scheduling grooming for tonight. I was speaking with a sledder Thursday morning and he said all trails were awesome on Wednesday. He did say that the 503 was a little sketchy, but that trail was done Thursday morning, so everything looks good.

     As I keep mentioning about soft conditions we are urging you not to be too aggressive with the throttle as it will tear up the trails plus our grooming is approaching limited hours. There is a lot of good sledding yet to come and it is all depending on weather and how you drive in these soft conditions. Thank you.

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