Snow Tonight. How Much??

08:00 AM - January 16, 2021

Saturday  Club #1   Our Lodge is now open with limited hours. Ph # 548-9174

      It is looking very promising for the forecast here in Bathurst. It is an ever changing forecast, but always for the better. It has changed from 25 mm of rain to some snow and a mix of rain, then to 2 cm of snow and now it is up to 30 cm of snow though tonight and into Sunday. It looks like we could be seeing 30 cm or more in the high ground from Nepisiguit Lodge to Serpentine. This forecast is the same for anything North of Bathurst. Once this has passed you will see a bevy of grooming taking place here in the north. The long range also does look very promising so maybe by the end of January we might see us linking up to the hotels in Bathurst.

     I’m sure Ron is looking at gearing up with a second groomer on the trails after this snow has passed us. I was speaking to some sledders that conditions were great from Nine Mile East up through Popple Depot. Trail 22 through to Island Lake is a little sketchy in places and hasn’t been groomed so far this season and neither has the 503 from Popple Depot Trail 23 through to Trail 19 near Simpson Fields.

     On the Lottery, we have seen a little bump on ticket sales as we have seen members step up with some buying multiple tickets. So with us approaching the final four weeks of the draw, we hope to see our members step up and buy at least one. Our ticket sales are about a 65% member to 35% non member ratio and we thank all who have participated so far. The prize structure: First Place $25000, Second Place $10,000, Third Place $5,000, Fourth to Sixth place $1000, Seventh to Twelfth Place $500, Thirteenth to Twentieth $300, Twenty first to Thirty Sixth $100. Your odds of winning a prize is 1 in 27.

    You can purchase your tickets on-line with the URL  or you can call 480-9379 or FB message or email   me for tickets. I have 14 tickets at my disposal 0371 to 0380 and 0346 to 0350. Make cheque payable to Nepisiguit Sports Lodge Inc. and mail it to me. I will give you my address when doing so . Tickets available at:Kerr's Chainsaw Ltd. Bradley Kerr  City Center. Claude Doucet West End Sports. Guy Hache Brunswick Powersports. Yves Mazerolle Patterson Sales. Chris Young / Andrew Carroll, 3-Step Contracting. Marc Poirier ,Theriault's Groceries. Jennifer Tardif, Glendenning’s Convenience ,Curt’s Auto Repair, Eugene Frenette, Mike Skerry, Marco Leblanc, Marc Hannan, Clayton Chamberlain ,Bryan Harris , Denise Lebreton Pokemouche 727-8398 , David Carroll , Bob Comeau ,Dave Brewster, Richard Dobson 

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