Snow Later Today: Update 3 PM: Update 8.30 PM: Update 11PM

09:45 AM - February 27, 2020

Update 11 PM: 25 CM down and storm is at a standstill/
Update 8.30 PM:  17 cm down with NE winds at 20 gusting to 40 Km/Hr
Update 3 PM: No snow yet.
Thursday, Feb 27th, Club #1
    - 6 at post here in Bathurst. In anticipation of the snow tomorrow we had limited grooming over night. We brought the #2 from the Atlantic Host over to East Bathurst last night. The #3 New Holland was rescued yesterday afternoon and should be ready to go tomorrow morning. Trails are in decent shape pre storm. 
      They are calling for 25 to 35 cm in the Bathurst area which will help add to the snow that we lost over the past few days. The major snowfall will occur later today with winds up to 50 KPH. I’m guesstimating that we lost about 12 to 15 inches of snow over that period and about 3 cm of trail base. With the minimal snow we got so far this year, the trail base is nowhere near the base we’ve had in previous years. This snow will be good, but I feel it is too little too late as new snow does not have the staying power that we have in the old snow. The base is always the last to go and we’re hoping that this will help some plus we could see a few more centimeters next week. All that aside we still have a good seven weeks left to the season. 
      During the storm we urge everyone to drive with caution, don't drive alone, and let someone know where you are going. We have had a few serious accidents recently and we asking everyone to pay more attention to all turns, keep the speed down. A mishap only takes a fraction of a second to occur and if you're not paying attention to your driving this is multiplied. Drive safe. Just one accident is one too many.
      I'll have a report on last night supper at around 10 AM. Huuuuuge success!!!!

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