Snow Anyone

11:25 AM - May 09, 2020

Saturday, May 8th, Club #1  
     Snowing here in Bathurst, but not near as much as up in Serpentine. Just got off the phone with Alyre and he said you can barely see more than 500 feet. It snowed yesterday but didn’t accumulate much as it kept melting as it hit the ground, but through the night the temps dropped to -9 and as of his phone call there is 9 inches on the ground. There are people coming in from Freddy tomorrow. 
     He was also saying that in some of the trails there is up to 2 and 3 feet of winter snow left and he can’t recall it being so bad at this time of year. He lost a lot of business with his bear hunting as there was no one traveling due to the pandemic. Also his four wheeler business is down due to too much snow. His fishing experiences will be down as well. 
Austin Brook Cluster
Popple Depot
Big River   Bahurst
North Tetagouche

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