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Slow Saturday + 1st Update on the #1 Groomer - 2nd update New Holland Moving to Help #1

09:00 AM - January 16, 2022

With our first full day under Covid restrictions traffic was rather slow for Saturday and could be also the weather. Grooming consisted of the #1 groomer out of Rogers Lake to Red Pine Shelter and the 507. From there up as far on Trail 22 to the 301 and turned. Looks like a breakdown on the way back as the groomer is still stopped on the 22. With -18 and windy I hope everything is okay.

1st Update #1 groomer 7.30 AM:  As confirmed by Ron this morning  """#1 groomer is off the trail with a track off back on trail 22 . My son Corey and I went back to pick up Bryan just getting home now 1.30 AM . Will go back with Roger on the New Holland today and haul it up on the road and install the track. Jacob is coming with me on snowmobile to drive it out when we get it repaired."""  The groomer is 8 KM south of the Trail 301 and 12 KM north on 22 from the 507/22 intersection. I'm not sure what Ron's timeline is on this, but at -22 it will be sometime today. If anyone wants to give a hand you can call Ron Scott.

2nd Update:    Roger on the Big Blue is on his way towards the #1 rescue. He should be there by 12 PM.  -18 at present , but the sun is out. Anyone available for help? Some heavy lifting is in order.


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