Slow Day Grooming - + 1st Update 1PM + Update #2 2.30 PM

09:30 AM - January 20, 2020

Update #2 2.30 PM  The #1 just left the shop after its service. It is grooming from East
              Bathurst to the Atlantic Host, then back to Nepisiguit and on to Rogers Lake,
              then an Operator change and heading west on Trail 23. Will let you know in
              the morning what is taking place.

Update  1PM  Mickey is grooming from Rogers Lake to Nepisiguit and back to Rogers Lake
             at post with the #3 unit. We have about 3 hours left of service on the #1. It will be
             grooming tonight 
Monday, Jan 20th, Club #1
     -12 at post. No grooming last night except for this morning as we’ll be running the Trail 23 corridor between Nepisiguit and Rogers Lake. From what I can read through the web was that trails were decent this weekend, probably due to the fact that the temperatures were so low and the set-up was so fast. The #1 is in for a deicing and maintenance today.  

Live view at Nepisiguit Sports Lodge

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