Shinning up the Trails for the Weekend +(Update + Update #2

09:00 AM - February 12, 2021

Friday, Feb 11th, Club #1

Update #2  10 AM:  Due to the #3 being out of commission Ron has the #2 filling in as of this moment. It is presently on the trail to Rogers Lake from Nepisiguit. It will cover Trail 23 from Nepisiguit to Rogers Lake, then return and cover the 507 on the way back to Nepisiguit.

Update #1. The #3 didn't make its run last night due to a blown front tier. It will be out of commission for 5 days until we get a new one.

All three groomers were out last night shinning up the trails for the weekend, which may prove to be quite busy Groomer # 1 Roger 23-503-19-back to Rogers lake Groomer # 2 Bryan Shop – Bass River-NSL- Host—Ron will take it from there back to shop All Trail 19. # 3 Groomer: Jacob NSL to Rogers Lake back to NSL Trail 23. The weather is really cooperating with nice temperatures at night down in the low teens. Trails are nice and hard with good lube.

      A bit on safety: We are nearing the mid point of the season and so far we are not hearing of any major incidents, so we are asking everyone to stay diligent by staying safe on the trails. Watch your speed and stay alert at all times as you never know what is around the next turn. Watch for moose as there have been hundreds of sightings on our trail system.

      On the Christmas Mountains, we are hearing great comments on the additional trails in that area. There are multiple possibilities of loops between Popple Depot, Serpentine, and Mt Carleton. Most of these new trails provide a beautiful array of scenic views. Just slow down and enjoy as it would not be a nice place to get caught in an accident.

     Again a big thank you to all who made our lottery a success. We are planning for the draw this Sunday Feb 14 at Bathurst City Hall at 1 PM. Mayor Lee Stever will be in attendance along with our committee members as well as our executive. Dave Brewster will represent the club with the draw. We plan on live streaming or video which will be shown later.

Live view at Nepisiguit Sports Lodge

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