Saturday Night/Sunday Morning Grooming + Vehicles on Trails

09:00 AM - February 28, 2021

Sunday   Club #1

     Last night’s grooming had the #1 groomer out of Rogers Lake, East on Trail 23 to Highway 430 (Nine Mile East Road), turned back to Nine Mile Shelter, Trail 22 to the 22/301 intersection, back on 22 to the 507, Red Pine Shelter then to Rogers Lake. Jacob on the #2 went out the Nine Mile East Road then back to Nep Lodge and down to Bathurst,at the Atlantic Host, fueled and headed back to Nepisiguit. Roger took the #3 groomer down to Bass River on Trail 19 and back west to the 23/19 intersection then back to the shop.

     There was good traffic on the trails yesterday. It was absolutely beautiful weather for sledding. If you haven't ventured into the Christmas Mountain trail system yet, I would suggest that you should try a few different trails between Popple Depot, Serpentine and Mt Carleton Park.

      As we started this season kind of wondering how we would make out due to the lack of snow, well we are no longer wondering, because we've been getting our fair share of 5, 10, 15, 20 centimeter snowfalls, which has really helped in grooming. The big question now is the lack of big frost in the ground. Will this shorten the season come April? In the past we've seen sledding into May. WE"LL SEE???

Vehicles On Trails. It seems that it is that time of year and it is another weekend, actually second weekend in a row, but this weekend saw three more incidents. One the city police were called and that person ended with a warning. BIG DEAL, he got a warning. The ORVE are basically non existent and calling them is usually a fruitless effort. One incident was on private property. Last year we called the ORVE a couple of times but from that experience we basically gave up. They are more interested in stopping and harassing sledders. For those witnessing above incidents license plate number, location and time should be recorded, but if it is only a warning then you would have to ask yourself, Why bother? These ruts can cause accidents plus are costly for the club to maintain. Rant for the day!!!!    

Live view at Nepisiguit Sports Lodge

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