Sad Day in March

09:15 AM - March 20, 2020

Friday, Mar 20th, Club #1
     It is a sad ending for a lot of snowmobilers and business’ as well. Due to the Co 19 virus we have no choice but to curtail business at our lodge. This holds true for all lodges in the circuit plus around New Brunswick and there could be more news coming. We will serve gas until the lodge staff finish shutting down the lodge. This could be Sunday at the latest.  
    Having said this, we have one groomer on the trail at post. The #1 left Rogers Lake last night on Trail 23, Piston Alley up to Governors, the 504 to Mt Carleton. Roger is on his return leg back to RL. This is to hook up St Quentin to Trail 19 and I’m hearing (just hearsay) that they are curtailing grooming Trail 19 to the Park since the section of 19 East to Island Lake has been closed. I’m unsure what to say here as people are still riding these trails and are reported to be in good shape as all other trails are. Where are we going from this day forward is just a guess by me. We are like everyone else, just going day by day. Trail reports from most sledders are saying the trails are awesome and to further this statement I would have to say, in all the years that I’ve been involved, that the trails have been consistently the best that I’ve seen. There are a few factors that made this so; and it started as the season began when we had tons of snow and we had a short rainy period that knocked the snow down, which was the start of a perfect base, and since then we barely had any major snowfalls except for three, Jan 12 30 cm, Feb 7 40 cm Feb 28 30 cm and a lot of 10 to 20 cm ones just to help maintain the base. There were no back to back to back storms at all and a few sprinkles of rain here and there. A lot of people feel “omg the sky is falling”, but I’ve always said, you need a bit of rain to shore up the base. Then of course the major factor is grooming, but looking back on my records we are just a touch below average in grooming hours. Yes this could be the end of a perfect season.
     There is supposed to be a little precip today, but going forward we are looking at some great sledding weather. My message to you today is that you take care of yourself and especially your families and as always, we appreciate our members and all sledders for your support. I’ll continue to keep you informed as much as I can.  

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Live view at Nepisiguit Sports Lodge

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