Red Brook Shelter: Tyler's Message

10:00 AM - September 18, 2019

Wed, Sept 18th, Club #1
A BIG THANK YOU to Tyler Mullin Shelter Director for Club #1
Tyler’s Message to the club. "Gents, I attached a photo of the sign I'm having made for red brook shelter. I am pretty proud of the build and I think this sign does the sponsors justice. The building will be hauled to site in the coming weeks. A few final touches and some site prep and we will be in business. I have also lined up wood for the new shelter, and placed the order with Joel hache for the new windows I mentioned previously for 9 mile today".
       Thanks to all who donated to the build of Red Brook Shelter: Fornebu Lumber, Eddy Building Supplies, Juntion Lumber, Frenette Windows and Doors, Three Step Roofing, Boucher Machining, Branch Contracting, Chaleur Hydraulic, Power Precision, Maritime Carwash, Trevalli, Wilson’s, Hatheway Auto Group, Bradley Jenks Excavation, East Coast Insulation, Discovery Drill Manufacturing, and Bathurst Towing, along with countless volunteers. 

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Live view at Nepisiguit Sports Lodge

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