Red Brook Shelter on Trail 19 Out of Rough Waters/East Bathurst

10:00 AM - November 26, 2021

  1. Friday, Nov 26th, 2021, Club #1                                                                                                                                                                                                       Message from our “Rough Waterian’s”                                                                                                                                                                                                   Hello Tyler Mullin:       Red Brook shelter is all set on the firewood front, all split and piled. Shelter is full and the woodshed is almost full, likely enough wood inside for this year and enough in the shed for 1-2 more years. Huge thank you to Stephen and Sheila Belanger for donating the wood. Jess, Andrew, Sean, Craig, Travis, Robbie, Jamie, Gavin and Billy for getting it cut, split and piled. The shelter looks good, we need a new axe to replace the one that walked away after over 10 years. Also someone should reattach the yellow deck marker on one side. The wood shed could use some work and the driveway could also use a load or two more of fill and some drainage to be less of a muddy mess.

     Note: Our annual meeting for Club #1 PLEASE ATTEND. Where : Nepisiguit Lodge When: Dec 4th, Saturday, 1.30 PM. The lodge will be opened at 12 PM with a limited menu. Regular Covid rules will be in effect for entry into the lodge; ID & proof of vaccination. These rules will be the standard throughout the season or as long as Government standards apply.     

Topics up for discussion:

1 Financial status

2 Membership

3 Trails and trail report

4 Lottery

5 New executive: This is and will be a major item for this coming year and it is the replacement of our executive committee which has not seen a change in over 25 years. We know it is time to replace these people as they are getting of age and “new blood” will be a welcome change.

Note that we are trying something new this year by having it at our club house at Nepisiguit Falls to try and generate more people in coming. The lunch counter will continue after the meeting as long as we have customers. If this does draw more of our members we will continue to have these meetings here. Maybe come up with the Side X Side.

Live view at Nepisiguit Sports Lodge

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